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Tomo Skate Co.

Currently my art can reach limitedĀ stockĀ for a bit because I'm recovering from a skull and brain injury I gotĀ fromĀ a skate contest. After I'm all healed up/get my final skull surgery, everything will frequently be inĀ stock and even more sick designs will be dropped. Love and appreciate all of you! Thank you for the support.Ā 


Painted with Love by San Francisco's Finest Grip Plug šŸ”Œ


Featured Items

Rose - Black
Plaid - Khaki
Broken Hearts - Blood Red
Plaid - Multi
Marble - White
Rose - White
Broken Hearts - Black
Butterfly - Blue
Butterfly - Yellow
Crimson Ghost - Black
Flame - 2 Purple
Playboy - Silver
Camo - Lit
Camo - Pretty Sweet
Butterfly - Pink/Blue
Sold Out Butterfly - Pink
Sold Out LOGO - TOMO
Sold Out SKY - TOMO
Marble - Black
Broken Hearts - Lavender
Broken Hearts - Pink and Red
Broken Hearts - Pink
Sold Out Butterfly - Metallic Pale
Sold Out Butterfly - Ivory
Sold Out Desert Camo - Pink
Plaid - Pink
Plaid - Ivory
Broken Hearts - Gold
Playboy - Yellow
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